Webinar: Crazy Good Interviewing- How To Instantly Improve the Interview Experience

Smoother Interviews Means Faster Collaboration and Better Hires.

Interviews are a critical step in the recruiting process. The experience for candidates, interviewers and recruiting teams can be painful or delightful, depending on the process and utilization of technology. Managing high volume interview days can be incredibly complex. Scheduling can be a full time job. Candidate expectations have never been higher.

In this webinar, Chris Russell at RecTech Media speaks with Jason Daniels and Ian Nadarajah at Oleeo to explain how to accelerate and improve the interview experience instantly. Specifically they present:

  • Common interview management pains
  • Best practices for interview management
  • Oleeo Interview Management Instant product demo


Watch The Webinar

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Instant Gratification

You can get the power of Oleeo Interview Instant up and running in 48 hours at a cost you'll love. 

Simplify the Experience

From mobile self scheduling and high volume itineraries to speeding up collaboration and feedback, Oleeo Interview Management simplifies the experience and gives everyone precious time back.

Manage High Volume Days 

Schedule and manage interviews for Super Days or other high volume interview events with ease.