What You’ll Learn In This Guide

  1. How to make the most out of recruiting events before, during and after
  2. How to stay on top of high-volume recruiting trends
  3. What are the best high-volume events for your team to attend

Why Nailing High-Volume Hiring Events is More Important Than Ever

Now, more than ever, recruiters need to be on their A-game when it comes to high-volume recruiting events. High-volume recruiting is taking over the recruiting landscape, so what is your team doing to beat the competition? Considering we are in a candidate-driven market, it is imperative to engage and provide the best candidate experience when recruiting. 72% of candidates shared a negative experience online or with their peers. It’s incredibly easy for your candidates to share, making it crucial to get your recruitment process right.

Tips for engaging with each candidate:

1. Be authentic and transparent in everything you do. Candidates want to know what’s going on, especially from potential employers. You need to reflect the authenticity of your business model to truly give a positive candidate experience. So what does this mean for your hiring event strategy? It means…
  • Doubling down on feedback – give candidates the time and attention they deserve at every touchpoint.
  • Identifying why you’re the best employer for their needs – be open (and honest) with candidates about what makes your business great.
  • Providing real-life examples of your employer brand – give candidates current employee testimonials to show what a “typical day” is like at your company.

2. Engage at every opportunity. Gamification can be a huge asset to any hiring event or large-scale recruiting effort. It’s a great opportunity to create buzz about your business and engage candidates in fun, proactive ways. Play some games and offer rewards or incentives for interaction. Get your candidates active and moving!

Trends to keep on your radar:

  1. Have a Mobile Application On Hand
  2. Candidate Segmentation
  3. Integrate Augmented & Virtual Reality
  4. Utilize Social Media at the Event

The Latest Trends to Boost Your Next High-Volume Recruiting Event

Your team may have a solid plan in place for your next high-volume recruiting event, but every other business will have one, too. How do you plan on standing out to candidates while engaging with each one? Event trends change fast. Researchers have found 86% of HR professionals believe recruiting has turned into recruitment marketing. You have to stay one step ahead of the trends and market your organization to truly stand out. Here are some trends to keep on your radar:

Navigating High-Volume Hiring Events in a Candidate-Driven Market

  • High-Volume recruitment has its difficulties but paired with a candidate-driven market, you are sure to combat daunting recruitment hurdles. You must create a plan, prepare and find shortcuts wherever you can. Here are a few shortcuts that can give you an edge over the competition:

    • Mobile Apps can help recruiters get ready by storing candidate information in one place. Some events might have an app that can be easily downloaded so your recruiters know where they need to be throughout the event.
    • Registrant Communication should be at the top of your mind throughout the event. Communication with candidates should be a fairly similar experience for any candidate you’re talking to.
    • Company Culture should be promoted first and foremost at events. This is what brings candidates to your table and what keeps them engaged when the event is over. Share with candidates what makes you great.


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Making the Most Out of Recruiting Events When They’re Over

In order to make your high-volume recruiting events more successful, you need to develop a strategy to use after an event. It is crucial to set communication expectations and continue good impressions. Develop event rituals to ensure you are up to par with current recruiting event trends.

Make sure your event rituals are up to par with current recruiting event trends:

Trend #1: The Use of Your ATS and/or CRM
Trend #2: Automate Your Follow-Up
Trend #3: Measuring Data and Metrics From Your Event


On or Off-Campus and Early Career Recruiting: What’s the Difference?

It’s important to compare various high-volume recruiting strategies in order to find qualified candidates. Do you know what you need for the events you’re attending? How are they different? Similar? And how are you going to make them successful? Whether you’re recruiting on-campus or off-campus, you’re going to need to be prepared for the surplus of students of all ages coming your way. In each type of recruiting event, you have the opportunity to show off the best parts of your company. Whether you’re attending a campus career fair or bringing candidates to your office, recruiters should be promoting why they love working there and why the candidates will, too.

What’s the difference?

On-campus recruiting: Just like the name says, you are going straight to the source to find talent. These are usually at a college campus or career fair. On-campus recruiting events give you the opportunity to establish or reinforce why your organization is a great employer. The challenge with on-campus recruiting events is it’s often difficult to create a unique and tailored experience when you’re screening a large number of candidates all at once.

Off-campus recruiting:

These events allow you to do two crucial things: bring in candidates who are interested in your industry and develop your reputation and employer branding to nurture promising talent. The main difference? Going off campus gives you a little more freedom. Use different environments to try out various tactics to see what works best for your organization.


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How Hiring Events Can Put You Head and Shoulders Above the Competition

Recruiting events put you ahead of any competition that merely talks on the phone or schedules one-on-one meetings. Hiring events allow you to meet several candidates in one place. This ensures you have the opportunity to meet dozens of candidates. They also increase brand awareness by building your name recognition. Simply using a hashtag at events show candidates the type of cultural experience they can expect when working for you.

Free Resource: Top Recruiting Event Trends to Leverage in Hiring Quality Talent

Are You Standing Out at Recruiting Events? Here’s How.

Events are something that all recruiters should look forward to. It’s a chance to show off what your business has to offer and inspire candidates to join your team. But, you need to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Begin by engaging with all of your potential candidates. Shake hands, ask questions and get to know them to see if they are the right fit for your company. This will give candidates an opportunity to learn about your culture, your values and more.

Events are often used as great talking platforms not only to engage, but also build brand awareness and continue the relationship with your talent pipeline. When candidates attend events, they are more likely to stay connected and interested in a company, even if they aren’t the best fit at the time. This allows you to build your network while opening and strengthening your relationship with current and future potential candidates.


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Top Recruiting Event Trends to Leverage in Hiring Quality Talent


The importance of recruiting events has changed tremendously over the years. While college career fairs are still a common practice to recruit for entry-level positions, recruiters are becoming more creative in their efforts to recruit for other open opportunities within the business. Some emerging trends include:

  • Hackathons
  • Geolocation technology
  • Text recruiting
  • Use of social media at events
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • ...and more!

10 Touch-points Every High Volume Recruiting Process Needs


If you really want to leave a lasting impression on the candidates you meet at high-volume recruiting events, you need some well-thought-out strategy. It’s clear that high-volume hiring requires a different approach than the usual job opening. It’s normal to feel slightly overwhelmed with the daunting task of hiring in volume. Here are a few touch points that are sure to help you and your team craft a competitive strategy for your next event:

  • Data support
  • An itinerary
  • An established team
  • Efficient screening techniques
  • Campaign for culture