Improving Quality of Hire through Recruiting Enablement

Research report from Aptitude Research and Oleeo identifying how Recruiting Enablement  can transform hiring practices through uncertain times.

According to this study, 63% of companies state that finding and attracting quality hires is the greatest challenge facing their businesses. Can you relate to this?


Improving Quality of Hire through Recruiting Enablement published by Aptitude Research, in association with Oleeo, uncovers how companies are facing a new normal in talent acquisition that impacts both processes and technology based on research conducted in February and March 2020.

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What you will uncover in the Improving Quality of Hire through Recruiting Enablement research paper:

  • What are the key drivers of Recruiting Enablement today?
  • What is the impact of Recruiting Enablement on the business?
  • What are the specific use cases for Recruiting Enablement?
  • How can companies get started?

This research report will help you understand how Recruiting Enablement can help employers identify strategies that expand diverse talent pools, enable tailored employer value propositions, improve decision making, mitigate bias, and speed up the alignment of recruiting with the desired business outcomes regardless of strategy, complexity and volume! The phrase was first conceived by Talent Attraction, Candidate Experience & Recruiter Enablement Leader Holland Dombeck McCue of Delta Airlines.