Why Recruiting Enablement Is Critical Now

This infographic identifies what Recruiting Enablement is and reveals why it is the key to more effective talent acquisition.


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Recruiting Enablement is defined as the processes, content, and technology empowering talent acquisition teams to recruit both efficiently and effectively at high volumes and high velocity. The phrase was first conceived by Talent Attraction, Candidate Experience & Recruiter Enablement Leader Holland Dombeck McCue of Delta Airlines. Learn why it is critical for talent acquisition today and what it can do for your business.


RE Infographic Snippet

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What will you uncover in the Recruiting Enablement infographic:

  • What Recruiting Enablement is
  • Why it is critical now
  • Who benefits from it
  • What is involved
  • Key components of Recruiting Enablement technology
  • Key outcomes of effective Recruiting Enablement

This infographic will help you understand how Recruiting Enablement can positively impact your recruiting. Download it today!