3 Step Checklist for Post-College Recruiting Season

While intern interviews, career fairs and campus events are coming to an end, it's time to be thinking about engaging and nurturing the candidates who didn't quite make the cut!

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Organize Your Talent Pool

You don't want to lose out on potential top talent, and who knows… someday they may be qualified or be a great fit!

Use our 3 Step Checklist to organize your talent pool and turn them into an engaged talent community, willing and waiting to join your team when the time is right.

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From Our Checklist, You Will:


Tie Up Loose Ends

Learn how to filter your remaining candidates into 4 different talent buckets to keep your talent pool organized. 


Open Communication

See how to create targeted email copy that will resonate with each talent bucket and keep them nurtured and engaged in your talent community.


Audit Effectiveness

Find out what you need to evaluate from a holistic and granular perspective to get the insight needed to improve future success.