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More than ever before, NHS Trusts are challenged with talent shortages. With patient care their number one priority, it has never been more critical to take new steps to accelerate hiring -- without sacrificing quality or hire. This is where Oleeo comes in.

Tailor-made for healthcare recruitment, Oleeo’s Recruiting Enablement platform for the NHS leverages data and automation to expedite hiring and onboarding. Compliant with fair, open, and on merit recruiting principles, Oleeo enables evidence-led, technology-enabled recruitment.


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“Oleeo moves you into the next generation. The Oleeo system that’s going into Imperial automates everything all the way to day 1 readiness.”

"Carl Du Plessis
HR Transformation Lead, Imperial NHS

“Oleeo helps with efficiently managing high volumes of diverse, multi-sited recruitment. It has cut down postage time, accelerated processing & meets our data security, accessibility and flexibility needs.”

"Katherine Wainwright
Head of HR, Turning Point Scotland

“Oleeo has user interfaces that offer positive experiences for recruiters & candidates alike.It is configurable to allow us to do what we need and improve our recruitment processes.”

"Hayley Page
Recruitment Coordinator, Medical Research Council

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